A Great Choice for Your Wood Handrail Installation!

Welcome to Sammuel's Hardwood Flooring, a flooring contractor that also offers first-class quality wood handrail installation service. I have been doing this job for 13 years as of this writing. I am very confident in my knowledge and workmanship. If you got time, please hit me up. I’ll be happy to show you some of my best works in Lawndale, CA. Please don’t hesitate to refer to them in case you don’t have any idea yet about your preferred designs.

For now, here are the great things my work can offer:

Safety and Comfort

Are the handrails high enough? What are your preferred spaces for the baluster? Let me know your tenants and your guests so that I can change the design to address their safety and comfort concerns. I’m very attentive to details. I pay great attention to the location of the rails and the other parts.


Looks are important. It can accentuate your interior and exterior. To come up with a design that suits the surrounding, let me visit the site. I can give you a few options based on my available drafts. If you have an idea or if you’re still looking for the one, let me sit right across with you so that we can talk more about it in detail.


I know some sturdy woods we can use for your wood handrail installation. Let me tell you where to get them at a budget-friendly price. Let me handle them right away after their arrival. I won’t waste your resources. Every step of the project will be properly executed and assess for its quality so that redoes and additional investment, as well as time for the installation, will be avoided later.


My wood handrail installation service is very affordable. If you like to save more, I can also change my approach to the project to eliminate unnecessary expenses. I’ll find a way without sacrificing the quality of my final output.

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