Refinishing Products for Your Hardwood Floors

Hardwood floors are a beautiful addition to any home. They can be an investment, but they’re also easy to maintain. If you want to keep your hardwood floors looking great, some products will help you do just that. Here we’ll explore some hardwood refinishing products for your home hardwood floors.

Polyutherane Finish

If you want a hardwood floor that will be protected from stains and scratches, then a polyurethane finish is the way to go. Polyurethane finishes are clear coatings that are applied over the natural color of your hardwood flooring. The finish protects it against wear, water damage, and dirt while adding a rich look that lasts for years.

Sand Paper

Sandpaper is the most versatile and common wood finishing tool. It can be used to smooth out various imperfections in your hardwood floor, as well as add a nice shine. Sanding is done by hand with sandpaper that has varying grits or sizes. The higher the number, the finer it will be sanded down. When you’re finished using it, simply wipe off any excess dust before storing again.

Distress Stains

This is a popular choice for many people, especially those that want to make the most of their hardwood floors and have them look like they were part of a historic home. The product can be used on all types of wood planks, including oak, maple, and birch. It’s made from nanoparticles that bind with stains so that when you wipe it off your floor, no more dirt will stick to it.

There are so many different products out there that it can be difficult to choose which ones are good enough for your home. If you need help from a professional for hardwood refinishing here in Lawndale, CA area, you may contact Sammuel's Hardwood Flooring for professional floor refinishing services for your home floorings. Call me at (310) 272-5782 today!